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Entering containers

New as of 0.4.0

enter <app>  [<container-type> || --container-id <container-id>]  # Connect to a specific app container


The enter command can be used to enter a running container. The following variations of the command exist:

dokku enter node-js-app web
dokku enter node-js-app web.1
dokku enter node-js-app --container-id ID

Additionally, the enter command can be executed with no <container-type>. If only a single <container-type> is defined in the app's Procfile, executing enter will drop the terminal into the only running container. This behavior is not supported when specifying a custom command; as described below.

By default, it runs a /bin/bash, but can also be used to run a custom command:

# just echo hi
dokku enter node-js-app web echo hi

# run a long-running command, as one might for a cron task
dokku enter node-js-app web python script/
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