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0.34.0 Migration Guide


  • The disable-chown property of the scheduler-docker-local plugin has been removed. Mounted paths will no longer have file permissions changed during the pre-deploy phase. Files baked into the container image for herokuish builds will always be owned by the correct user.
  • The git:unlock command has been removed. It was previously used to "unlock" a temporary directory that already existed. The directory the git:unlock command used to cleanup is now properly removed on exit of the git:from-image command.
  • The k3s plugin no longer supports port mappings other than https:443 and http:80. If no matching port map is specified, Dokku will use expose the app on the first port mapping, with priority given to https mappings over http.
  • Golang functions to invoke plugin triggers named PlugnTrigger* have been removed in favor of CallPlugnTrigger.


  • The k3s scheduler now creates an Ingress object per domain instead of one per port mapping. This will cause a short amount of downtime during the next app deploy after upgrading to 0.34.0
  • App lock files have been removed from the /home/dokku directory and moved into the data/apps directory.
  • Logs are now rotated via copytruncate instead of create in logrotate.
  • The k3s scheduler now defaults to nginx as it's default proxy implementation. The traefik proxy implementation is still available, though users will need to set the global ingress-class k3s property to traefik via the following command:

    dokku scheduler-k3s:set --global ingress-class traefik


The pre-deploy plugin trigger is deprecated as of 0.34.4. It is currently invoked during the post-release-builder plugin trigger, where image mutation is heavily discouraged. Users should instead move any trigger usage to the pre-release-builder plugin trigger. The pre-deploy plugin trigger will be removed in a future release.