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0.5.0 Migration Guide

nginx-vhosts plugin

  • The nginx-vhosts template language is now sigil
    • No need to escape literal $ characters (or other "bash-isms")
    • Template variables are represented as {{ .VARIABLE_NAME }}
    • A detailed list of template variables can be found here
  • A custom nginx-vhosts template must be named nginx.conf.sigil
    • The default path for this custom template is the root of your repo (i.e. /app in the container or WORKDIR if defined in a dockerfile app)
    • Dokku no longer looks for this file in /home/dokku/node-js-app on the Dokku server
    • Check out an example template here
  • Support for server-wide SSL certs have been dropped in favor of using the certs plugin
    • dokku certs:add node-js-app < certs.tar
  • All domains for an SSL-enabled app will be redirected to https by default
    • This can be overridden with a custom template
  • Replaced "magic" NO_VHOST variable with domains:enable/disable
  • Simplified zero downtime control
    • checks:enable/disable

Dockerfile apps with exposed ports

  • Dockerfiles with EXPOSE clauses will get all tcp ports proxied by default
    • Note that nginx will proxy the same port numbers to listen publicly
    • UDP ports can be exposed by disabling the nginx proxy with dokku proxy:disable node-js-app