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0.30.0 Migration Guide


  • Support for SPDY has been removed. No major browser supports it as of 2021. Custom nginx.conf.sigil templates referencing spdy-related variables will continue to build until the 1.0.0 release.
  • Support for the DOKKU_SCALE file - deprecated in 0.25.0 - has been removed in favor of the formations key in the app.json file. Please see the process management documentation for more information on how to use the formation key of the app.json file.
  • The deprecated --detach global flag for dokku run was removed. Please see the one-off tasks documentation for more information on running detached containers.
  • The following deprecated trigger have been removed in favor of the post-release-builder trigger. See the plugin triggers documentation for more details.
    • post-release-buildpack
    • post-release-dockerfile
    • post-release-pack
  • The ability to call logs:failed without specifying an app or --all flag has been removed. This was deprecated in 0.22.0. Please see the logs:failed.