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Microsoft Azure Installation Notes

  1. If you don't already have one generate an SSH key pair.

  2. Go to the Dokku on Azure deployment page and click Deploy to Azure.

  3. You'll be prompted to enter a few parameters, including a unique storage account name and a unique name for the subdomain used for your public IP address. For the sshKeyData parameter, copy and paste the contents of the public key file you just created. After a few minutes the Dokku instance will be deployed.

  4. In your browser of choice, navigate to http://[dnsNameForPublicIP].[location] Where [dnsNameForPublicIP] and [location] are template parameters you used to deploy the template.

  5. Finish your Dokku setup like you normally would by creating a new public/private key pair for your deployments using ssh-keygen (don't use the same one as you created in the first step). You should select Use Virtual Host Naming and set the Hostname to a public DNS name that you own such as one you would purchase from Namecheap. Alternatively thanks to you can just use [yourAzurePublicIP] for free. For example, if your public IP is then you would set it to