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While we hate to see you go, if you need to uninstall Dokku, the following may help you out:

Arch Installation

# purge dokku from your system
yaourt -Rsn dokku

CentOS Installation

# uninstall dokku
yum remove dokku herokuish

Debian Installation

# purge dokku from your system
apt-get purge -y --force-yes dokku herokuish

# remove any dependencies that are no longer necessary
apt-get -y --force-yes autoremove

Makefile Installation

This is a manual deletion process, and as it is not a recommended installation method, there is currently no automated uninstallation.

All service plugins should be unlinked from applications, stopped, and destroyed.

All applications should be stopped, and all docker containers and images deleted:

# stop all applications
dokku ps:stopall

# cleanup containers and images
dokku cleanup

The following user/group must be deleted:

  • user: dokku
  • group: dokku

The following directories must be deleted:

  • ~dokku
  • /var/lib/dokku
  • /var/log/dokku