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0.23.0 Migration Guide


  • The plugin:list command no longer outputs the version for the plugn binary.
  • Users building docker images that run Dokku will need to use a new sudoer wrapper for the docker-image-labeler binary to work correctly. A reference version has been placed in the docker skeleton directory. This should only impact platform developers, and users of our Docker image will already have the file available.
  • The dokku user's cron is now in use by Dokku itself. Customizations will be overwritten. Users are encouraged to use a cron entry in /etc/cron.d/dokku to avoid this issue.
  • As of 0.23.0, Dokku will now inject the max-size log driver option for applications. This is restricted to app-configured log driver values empty, local or json-file in 0.23.1 to increase setup compatibility. Users who configure alternative log drivers at the system level will need to either set the global max-size property to unlimited or switch to the built-in vector logging support.