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0.21.0 Migration Guide


The tls name is no longer a reserved app name, and can be used by applications. This was previously a reserved app name due to it's use as a place for global SSL certificate files; Dokku has not supported global SSL certificates for many releases, and thus there is no need to reserve the name.


  • git#git_deploy_branch() is deprecated in favor of plugn trigger git-deploy-branch.
  • The config command is deprecated in favor of config:show.
  • Usage of this command in conjunction with either the --export or --shell flag is deprecated in favor of config:export --format with the correct format value (exports or shell, respectively).
  • The nginx:build-config command is deprecated in favor of proxy:build-config.


The apps:destroy command no longer takes a second argument force. Instead, this can be passed as the --force flag, either globally or as a flag to the command itself.

The proxy:enable and proxy:disable no longer restart apps when setting the DOKKU_DISABLE_PROXY environment variable. A future release will disable usage of DOKKU_DISABLE_PROXY altogether.