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Remote commands

Dokku commands can be run over ssh. Anywhere you would run dokku <command>, just run ssh -t <command> The -t is used to request a pty. It is highly recommended to do so. To avoid the need to type the -t option each time, simply create/modify a section in the .ssh/config on the client side, as follows:

RequestTTY yes

Run a command in the app environment

It's possible to run commands in the environment of the deployed application:

dokku run node-js-app ls -alh
dokku run <app> <cmd>

Behavioral modifiers

Dokku also supports certain command-line arguments that augment it's behavior. If using these over ssh, you must use the form ssh -t -- <command> in order to avoid ssh interpretting dokku arguments for itself.

--quiet                suppress output headers
--trace                enable DOKKU_TRACE for current execution only
--rm|--rm-container    remove docker container after successful dokku run <app> <command>
--force                force flag. currently used in apps:destroy