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  • A fresh VM running Ubuntu 14.04 x64
  • At least 1GB of system memory (workaround for 512MB machines)
  • The VM should have a FQDN set before installation (check by running sudo hostname -f).

Ubuntu 14.04 x64. Ideally have a domain ready to point to your host. It's designed for and is probably best to use a fresh VM. The bootstrapper will install everything it needs.

Installing the latest Stable version

To install the latest stable version of dokku, you can run the following bootstrapper command:

# installs dokku via apt-get
sudo DOKKU_TAG=v0.3.26 bash

# By default, this will do cli-based setup, though you may *also*
# go to your server's IP and follow the web installer

For various reasons, certain hosting providers may have other steps that should be preferred to the above. If hosted on any of the following popular hosts, please follow the linked to instructions:

As well, you may wish to customize your installation in some other fashion. or experiment with vagrant. The guides below should get you started: