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Log Management

logs <app> [-h] [-t] [-n num] [-q] [-p process]  # Display recent log output
logs:failed [<app>]                              # Shows the last failed deploy logs


App Logs

You can easily get logs of an app using the logs command:

dokku logs node-js-app

Behavioral modifiers

Dokku also supports certain command-line arguments that augment the log command's behavior.

-n, --num NUM        # the number of lines to display
-p, --ps PS          # only display logs from the given process
-t, --tail           # continually stream logs
-q, --quiet          # display raw logs without colors, time and names

You can use these modifiers as follows:

will show logs continually from the web process.

dokku logs node-js-app -t -p web

Failed Deploy Logs


The default docker-local scheduler will "store" these until the next deploy or until the old containers are garbage collected - whichever runs first. If you require the logs beyond this point in time, please ship the logs to a centralized log server.

In some cases, it may be useful to retrieve the logs from a previously failed deploy.

You can retrieve these logs by using the logs:failed command

dokku logs:failed node-js-app

You can also retrieve the failed logs for each app:

dokku logs:failed node-js-app