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Remote Commands

Dokku commands can be run over ssh. Anywhere you would run dokku <command>, just run ssh -t <command> The -t is used to request a pty. It is highly recommended to do so. To avoid the need to type the -t option each time, simply create/modify a section in the .ssh/config on the client side, as follows:

RequestTTY yes

Behavioral modifiers

Dokku also supports certain command-line arguments that augment it's behavior. If using these over ssh, you must use the form ssh -t -- <command> in order to avoid ssh interpretting dokku arguments for itself.

--quiet                suppress output headers
--trace                enable DOKKU_TRACE for current execution only
--rm|--rm-container    remove docker container after successful dokku run <app> <command>
--force                force flag. currently used in apps:destroy and other ":destroy" commands


You may optionally use a client to connect to your dokku server. Most clients use the configured git remote to locate the dokku server, though some allow for overriding this via an environment variable or flag.

Please refer to the clients list for more details.