Dokku test suite

Dokku now has a full test suite to assist in quick iterating development. These tests include a linter using shellcheck, functional unit tests using the bats testing framework, and a deployment suite of example apps that use the most popular languages and frameworks.

Bats tests can be found here:


Example apps can be found here:


Executing tests locally

  • Setup dokku in a vagrant vm

  • Test setup and execution

    $ vagrant ssh
    $ sudo su -
    $ cd ~/dokku
    $ make ci-dependencies setup-deploy-tests
    $ make test  # execute the entire test suite (linter, bats tests, and app deployment tests)
    $ make lint copyfiles # run linter & update vagrant dokku install from local git clone
    $ make unit-tests  # execute all bats tests
    $ make deploy-tests  # execute all app deployment tests
  • Additionally you may run a specific app deployment tests with a target similar to:

    $ make deploy-test-nodejs-express
  • For a full list of test make targets check out in the root of the dokku repository.

  v: v0.5.6
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