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Install Dokku using Vagrant

  • Download and install VirtualBox
  • Download and install Vagrant
  • Clone Dokku

    git clone
  • Create VM

    # Optional ENV arguments:
    # - `BOX_NAME`
    # - `BOX_URI`
    # - `BOX_MEMORY`
    # - `DOKKU_DOMAIN`
    # - `DOKKU_IP`
    cd path/to/dokku
    # for most users
    vagrant up
    # windows users must instead use the following
    vagrant up dokku-windows
  • Setup SSH Config in ~/.ssh/config.

        Port 22

    For users that have customized the IP address of their VM - either in a custom Vagrantfile or via the DOKKU_IP environment variable - and are not using for the Vagrant IP, you'll need to instead use the output of vagrant ssh-config dokku for your ~/.ssh/config entry.

  • Copy your SSH key via cat ~/.ssh/ | pbcopy and paste it into the dokku-installer at . Change the Hostname field on the Dokku Setup screen to your domain and then check the box that says Use virtualhost naming. Then click Finish Setup to install your key. You'll be directed to application deployment instructions from here.

Please note, the domain is setup to point to along with all subdomains (ie If you change the DOKKU_IP in your vagrant setup you'll need to update your /etc/hosts file to point your reconfigured ip address.

You are now ready to deploy an app or install plugins.