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If your version of Dokku is pre 0.3.0 (check with dokku version), we recommend a fresh install on a new server.

Migration Guides

Before upgrading, check the migration guides to get comfortable with new features and prepare your deployment to be upgraded.

0.5 Migration Guide

0.6 Migration Guide

0.7 Migration Guide

Upgrade Instructions

If Dokku was installed via apt-get install dokku or (most common), upgrade with:

sudo apt-get update
dokku --quiet apps | xargs -L1 dokku ps:stop # stops each running app
sudo apt-get install -qq -y dokku herokuish sshcommand plugn
dokku ps:rebuildall # rebuilds all applications

If you have any applications deployed via the tags or tar commands, do not run the ps:rebuildall command, and instead trigger ps:rebuild manually for each git-deployed application:

dokku ps:rebuild APP

Please see the images documentation and tar documentation for instructions on rebuilding applications deployed by those plugins.

Upgrade From Source

If you installed Dokku from source (less common), upgrade with:

dokku --quiet apps | xargs -L1 dokku ps:stop # stops each running app
cd ~/dokku
git pull --tags origin master

# continue to install from source
sudo DOKKU_BRANCH=master make install

# upgrade to debian package-based installation
sudo make install
dokku ps:rebuildall # rebuilds all applications

To upgrade herokuish from source, upgrade with:

cd /tmp
git clone
cd herokuish
git pull origin master
IMAGE_NAME=gliderlabs/herokuish BUILD_TAG=latest VERSION=master make -e build-in-docker
  v: v0.10.3
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