Latest release v0.34.6

An open source PAAS alternative to Heroku.

Dokku helps you build and manage the lifecycle of applications from building to scaling.

Quick-start Instructions

# download the installation script

$ wget -NP .

# run the installer

$ sudo DOKKU_TAG=v0.34.6 bash

# Configure your server domain

$ dokku domains:set-global

# and your ssh key to the dokku user

$ PUBLIC_KEY="your-public-key-contents-here"

$ echo "$PUBLIC_KEY" | dokku ssh-keys:add admin

# create your first app and you're off!

$ dokku apps:create test-app

Hate curl | bash? See our official Azure, DigitalOcean, and DreamHost Cloud instructions.

No vendor lock-in

Own your PaaS using tools you already know

Powered by Docker, you can install Dokku on any hardware. Use it on inexpensive cloud providers. Use the extra cash to buy a pony or feed kittens. You'll save tens of dollars a year on your dog photo sharing website.

Once it's set up on a host, you can push Heroku-compatible applications to it via Git. They'll build using Heroku buildpacks and then run in isolated containers. The end result is your own, single-host version of Heroku.


Getting started is extremely easy

Extensible & customizable

Customize your PaaS using plugins

Write dokku plugins in any language. Share them online with others, and extend those already available. Dokku's simple core is easy to hack and add the features you need to get your job done.

Plugins add support for additional features in Dokku. Dokku itself is built out of plugins provides support for a few extra that are not included in the default installation.

Support Us

None of this would have been possible without the continued support of our supporters. Here are a few of our sponsors and backers. Join them and become a sponsor on OpenCollective!

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